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Advance Defensive Tactics -

Close Quarter Combat

 Course Description:

 This course is designed to instruct law enforcement, federal personnel and security the advance defensive tactics. Areas of focus


Joint Manipulation.

Bone Penetration

Ground Defenses 

PPCT Intro - Pressure Point Control Tactics

Weapon Retention.

Multiple Attackers.

Non-Lethal Instruments.

Hand Cuffing Techniques.

Safety procedures.

Defense methods against a knife.

Defense methods against a pointing firearm at close range.


 All students will be trained and tested against defensive and offensive measures. Class size maximum 20.



    Train and qualify in defensive tactics while protecting lives.


 Type of instruction:

    Practical applications.



      Three days.


 Target Audience:

      Domestic and Foreign


    Law enforcement agencies   Government personnel   Military personnel   Security agencies and personnel

       Personal Protection Specialists    Investigators    Individuals entering the profession    Corporate security



Additional locations vary. Corporate and group private training available.


For continued training view link: Self Defense Training

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