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Assassination and Kidnapping Awareness and Theories

 Course Description


This course is designed to inform and provide additional awareness to law enforcement, security agencies and Personal Protection Agents in the first two most harmful acts; Assassination and Kidnapping against any client. We explore methods on both subjects with security defense measures against these acts including areas of sociology and psychology. When a client has the potential of being a target for either subject, all security providers should have an understanding how these attempts could accrue including how to incorporate safety measures to counteract.


The act of assassination has many reasons and delivers certain messages associated with the act. There are No Pre-warned Signs and security measures should reflect on any and all possibilities.


 Assassination awareness and defense measures include the following subjects:


            Possible reasons for the act.

Airborne and liquid chemical poisons methods and inspecting.

            Sniper ambush methods and locations.

            Choke points - vehicle travel and walking routes.

Vehicle inspections covering hazards.

Location inspections (hotels, parks, garages).

            Perimeter entry points in structure locations.

            Investigation methods (locations and personnel) and perform advance inspections.

            First Aid Response.


 Kidnapping awareness and defense measures include the following subjects:


The act of kidnapping is a lesser degree situation because the group performing the act wants a bargaining chip to achieve their goals or demands.  Most acceptable to this act are family members and a higher percentage is towards children.


            Possible reasons for the act.

            Methods on protecting children and other family members.

            Methods on attempt during route of travel.

            Methods attempt during social functions.

            Methods on minimizing security personnel.

            Developing and updating information database.

            Working with Law Enforcement Agencies.


 Class size maximum 20.



     Develop a defined understanding to these acts.

     Provide planned security measures deterring these acts.

     Demonstrate an ability to determine traces of poisons either chemical or liquids.

     First Aid Response methods.

     Work in groups and communicate properly.

     Training assignment includes scenario of both acts.


 Type of instruction:

     Classroom    Practical application workshop.



       Three days


 Target Audience:

      Domestically and Foreign


     Law enforcement agencies    Military personnel    Security agencies and personnel    Personal Protection Specialist

     Investigators/ crime scene technicians    Individuals entering the profession    Corporate security and personnel


Locations vary. Corporate and group private training available.


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