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Auto Deterrent Tactics / Carjacking Defense

Civilian Carjacking Defense Program

 Course Description


This course is designed to expose methods to security agencies, Personal Protection Specialist agents and all individuals with positions and/or assignments in driving.  Auto deterrent are methods of securing an automobile and defending in a confined area while in a sitting position.  Since the drivers responsibility is solely driving and remaining with the vehicle, situational awareness is increased with evaluating gesture signs.  Participants will utilize methods of Non-Lethal weapons as a means of defending within a confined area whereas, firearm are secondary defense instruments within a confined location.  All instruments utilized for the purpose of defense will be concealed and out of sight from all clients.  Participants are exposed to locations within a vehicle and the different types of effective instruments.


With assassination and kidnapping posing a concern, participants are exposed to route planning with minimal chokepoints and ambush locations.  Along with route planning, participants are exposed in locating city / state / government safe house and medical facilities along the route of travel.  With the responsibilities of a driver expanding beyond the ability to drive, a pre- check point list will be developed and basic vehicle inspections performed.


While the driver controls the vehicle, it is known the driver may be the first person attacked in order to retain the client.  This reason of logic is based on the person who controls the direction and ability of the vehicle.  With this thought, participants are instructed in driving with knees while applying pressure to possible wounds.  This increases the ability for the vehicle to continue and evacuate from a hot zones while maintaining pressure on wounds and safe guarding the client.


 Class size maximum 20.


 Objectives include the following:

     Develop a defined understanding to drivers responsibilities.

     Develop a planned route of travel including safe houses, medical facilities and estimated time of travel.

     Ability to identify choke-points and ambush location during a pre-travel run.

     Methods on evaluating gesture signs from groups of people and vehicles within a location (Van, Trucks, Garbage Trucks).

     Methods on defending in a sitting position within the front seat of a vehicle.

     Methods on certain instruments utilized for defense.

     Demonstrate ability to conceal any and all instruments from a client.

     Demonstrate ability to drive with knees while applying pressure on parts of the body.

     Demonstrate ability to read maps.

     Work in groups and communicate properly.

     Basic vehicle inspection and develop check-point procedure.


 Type of instruction:

     Classroom    Practical application workshop.



    Three days


 Target Audience:

      Domestically and Foreign


     Law enforcement agencies    Military personnel    Security agencies and personnel    Personal Protection Specialist

     Investigators    Individuals entering the profession    Corporate security and personnel


Locations vary. Call for the next available date in your location.

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