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Ranges locations vary throughout Florida

Fee: $150.00


Video - Sidearm Defense Training


Certified, Experienced and Insured for all firearm training.


Participants attending and completing this class with 300 rounds discharged, receives a serial numbered certificates outlining all training topics within this program.


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Personal Sidearm    Holster    Minimum Two Magazines 15 round capacity or Three Magazines with 10 round capacity. 

  Safety Glasses    Hearing Protection   300 Factory Rounds (No Reload Ammo) Basic Operational Knowledge of Your Sidearm.

The cost for this class is $150.00 and everyone needs 300 factory rounds. There are drills associated with this class that carry into the Tactical Obstacle Engagement programs. A concealed weapons license is not needed for this class. When firearms are purchased under a driver's license, the state does a background and the purchaser of the firearm had to wait THREE days before getting their firearm. Florida State allows people to bear arms in their home. A concealed weapons license only gives you the right to carry a firearm concealed in public.


Beginner to Tactical Engagement covers the following:

This class only involves basics that are needed to accomplish other programs covered. This basic program does not utilize the shoot house or obstacle course.

     Beginners to Tactical Engagement includes the following;

   1 - Firearm Safety, Muzzle Discipline, Rule and Behavior

   2 - 7 Fundamental (Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Breathing, Follow Through).

   3 - Safety Circle and Ready Stands Shooting.

   4 - Double and Single Hand Shooting.

   5 - Walk and Shoot. (Forward and Backwards)

   6 - Kneel and Shoot.

   7 - Belly / Back Prone

   8 - Quick Draw Center.

   9 - Trigger Control / Discipline (Double and Triple Tap).

   10 - Immediate Action Drills on Miss-feeds and Malfunctions.

   11 - Safe Load and Un-Load Procedures.

This class is beneficial for all who never trained in tactical engagement or only practiced shooting stationary targets.


Training Certificate Awarded Upon Completion With Serial Numbers.


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