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Civilian Carjacking Defense Program - Carjacking Defense Video

 Course Description


This course is designed to expose methods to civilians of all ages with no security background and/or concerned with their safety. Carjacking defense program are methods of defending in a confined area while in a sitting position. With robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and personal safety threats increasing, civilians will be exposed to certain methods provided to Security Agencies and Personal Protection Specialist agents relating to Carjacking Defense and Auto Deterrents. Some key points include, Statistics - Locations and Choke Points - Scams - Planning -  Situational Awareness - Gesture Signs of individuals - Approaching the vehicle -  Safety Tips including utilizing Non-Lethal instruments as a means of defending within a confined area. Practical application workshop is enforced with handouts on the program. All handouts re-enforce visual learning from the workshop.




 The Carjacking Defense Program is outdoor and participants will utilize their own vehicle for a better understanding and comfort level. If anyone teaches Carjacking Defenses in a class room sitting on chairs, they will be wasting your time. In a vehicle, all elements such as the seat belt and steering wheel make all the difference in a confine area when it really counts.

Areas of interest include;


Front Seat. Defending from the front seat is challenging with the seat belt around the body and a steering wheel in front. There is a limitation of movement. Within this area participants are shown defense applications including actions that are unexpected. These unexpected actions off-set the assailant's mind on how they thought the action would play out giving the victim an advantage.


Rear Seat. This location has been associated with individuals being violated. Females were high among the victims and as such, the defense applications within the rear seat location increases the safety and survivability.


Trunk. The trunk area is high on victim attacks because the victim back faces the assailant as they approach while the victim is placing packages in the trunk. Knowing this, we utilize certain applications and guidelines to insure survivability. Especially during the holiday seasons.




Participants are shown multiple ways on how attacks are carried out and how the assailant will utilize either hands for certain movements or actions. Either grabbing and striking the victim or grabbing the steering wheel or keys. All participants will practice simulated situations in their own vehicle. All defense applications eliminate concerns associated with a person's ability, strength, gender and one's health.





 Class size maximum 20.


 Objectives include the following:

     Develop an understanding to carjacking related with today's culture.

     Statistics of carjacking.

     Identify choke-points and ambush locations.

     Methods on evaluating gesture signs from groups of people.

     Methods on defending in a sitting position within a vehicle.

            Methods on defending from the rear seat in a laying down position.

            Methods on defending against an attack while placing packages in the trunk.        

     Methods on instruments utilized for defense.

                (Stunguns are not utilized. They pose more of a danger to the victim if taken away.)

     Methods to conceal any and all instruments utilized for defense.

     Scams involving carjacking.

     Nature of Parking Lots, Garages and Street parking

     Safety tips.


 Type of instruction:

     Practical application workshop.



     Max Three hours.

                 (Note: the seminar may run 30 minutes longer. Time is not an issue when it comes to personal safety.)


 Target Audience:

      Domestically and Foreign


     Civilians  Corporate Traveling Personnel     Military personnel    Security agencies and personnel 

              Personal Protection Specialist    Investigators    Individuals entering the profession    Law enforcement agencies.


Locations vary. Call or send email for the next available date in your location.


Private and group training available for individuals, offices and corporations.


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