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Day One


Range time involves all positions utilized on the boat


Day Two:

Ocean 10 miles from shore.


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Three Separate Programs:


Program 1 -

Sidearm Only 2 Days - 600 Sidearm Rounds: $350.00


Program 2 -

Sidearm / Rifle 2 Days -400 Rifle / 200 Sidearm rounds: $475.00


Program 3 -

Advance - Sidearm / Rifle / Shotgun 2 Day

400 Rifle Rounds / 200 Sidearm Rounds / 100 Shotgun Shells (25 - Slug / 25 - 00 / 50 - Birdshot number 8 or 9)

Call For Pricing


Certified, Experienced and Insured for all firearm training.


Participants attending and completing any three program will receive serial numbered certificates outlining all training topics within this program.


Requirements for any 3 programs:


 • Personal Sidearm  •  Holster •  Minimum Two Magazines (Three Magazines if capacity is less than 10 rounds per magazine) 

 •  Safety Glasses  •  Hearing Protection  • Up to 600 Factory Rounds (No Reload Ammo) • Cleaning Kit


 • Personal Rifle (AR 15, M4, SKS or any personal semi rifle)  •  Sling  •  Two Magazines (20 round capacity) or Four Magazines (10 round capacity)  •  Up to 400 Factory Rounds (No Reloads)  •  Safety Glasses  •  Hearing Protection  •  Cleaning Kit.


  • Personal 12 gage Shotgun  •  Sling  •  50 - Slugs / 50 - 00 / 50 - Birdshot 8 or 9  •   Up to 150 Shells  •  Safety Glasses  •  Hearing Protection  •  Cleaning Kit.


Maritime Program Outline:

Day One - Primary objective is to increase knowledge and skills on safety, trigger control / reset,” sight alignment, instinctual body alignment, misfire / jams immediate reaction; with emphasis on boat defense scenarios and general personal/ family defense tactics. Day one program section deals with live fire on the range with a simulated boat turning 360 degrees. In this training section; participants will practice and reinforce different shooting positions from standing, walking, kneeling and prone with reloading and clearing malfunctions while engaging multiple targets:


Day Two - Primary objective is to incorporate all training on land from simulated boat platform to training on a real boat 3 miles off shore.


Safety Procedures Focus -

“Ready Stance”, “Safety Circle”, Proficient Weapon Manipulation using Visual and Feel, Muzzle Discipline, Trigger Discipline / Control, Handgun Stoppage Immediate Action Drills , Proper Draw to the Center, Emergency Reload Procedures, Safe Load and Unload Procedures, Walking, Kneeling, and Prone positions, Trigger Control and Trigger Reset,

Introduction to Instinctual Body Alignment Targeting -

Accurate target engagement; without using sights. (Head, Shoulders, Chest, with Chin and Heart Alignment), Double Hand Shooting, and Single Hand shooting; Shooting / Support Hand Shifting.


16 Hours of Completion Training Certificate Awarded with serial Numbers.


Email for more information:


Private and Corporate specialized training available on participant's private boat.

Call for information.



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