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Currently, we do not have openings for additional personnel.

Send resumes to


Minimum qualifications include:

    High School Diploma or GED.

    Physically Fit.

    Clear Background.

    Driver's License.

    Current Passport.

    (Any security training certificates is a Plus.)

    (Any security license holdings.)

    (Military training is a Plus.)

    Must be willing to be trained in operations before assisting with assignments.

    Must be willing to travel without family interruptions.


Due to the nature of our profession, all applicants will be tested in the following areas before consideration:

    Physical Fitness.

    Mental Attitude.

    Situational Threat Response Time.


Upon receiving resumes, we will forward a breakdown to the subjects listed above.

Please note, we receive many application daily. Our response time is four weeks.


Take Notice:

If you smoke, train four months before taking the physical test. All applicants only have two chances to complete the physical test within a reasonable time frame. We hold testing once a month on a limited number of applicants.


With so many inquiries about the type of physical testing we administer, the following is a breakdown on parts.

Male and female vary.


   Part One.

          Strike heavy bag for 3 minutes straight with fist. (We will be checking your pulse rate.)

          Strike heavy bag for 1 minute with knees.

          Run 1 mile under 10 minutes or less.

          Perform 50 push-ups. (Time not disclosed)

          Perform 50 sit-ups. (Time not disclosed)

          Perform 25 chin pull-ups. (Time not disclosed)


   Part Two

           Carry a live individual weighing 150 pounds fifty (50) feet / three (3) times totaling 150 feet.

                        First run placing the individual on your shoulders.

                        Second run, placing the individual on your back.

                        Third run, carrying the individual in your arms.

                (You will be shown how to maneuver the individual to carry.)


    Part Three

            Drag a live individual weighing 150 pounds fifty (50) feet / three (3) time totaling 150 feet.

                        First run Drag the live individual with the use of both arms.

                        Second run Drag the live individual with the use of one arm.

                        Third run Participant has use of their arms. However, one knee will be wrapped to simulate an injury and drag 

                           the live individual.


     Part Four

             Retrieve a live individual from the rear seat of the vehicle and travel a distance of fifteen (15) feet / three (3) times

                totaling 45 feet.

                        First run Retrieve the individual who is unconscious and laying down.

                        Second run Retrieve the individual who is wounded. (Location vary)

                        Third run Retrieve the individual under a simulated fire fight.


     Part Five

             Complete a pre-arranged obstacle course under a certain time limit.



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