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This program is only offered to females.

Bodyguard Principles has the right to refuse training to anyone. No males will be allowed to attend.

With daily activities being under time restraints between home life, working and taking care of the kids, this 6 week program meets once a week and training for 2 1/2 hours giving a total 15 hours training towards past situations involving females being violated.

Literature is supplied to re-enforce the visual training received. The program training areas also cover confined areas within a vehicle and carjacking. Non-lethal instruments are exposed and all will be accompanied with the pro and cons of usage.

Additional areas of training include chokes, grabs and ground defenses.

Upon completing this training program, all females will have a better understanding on defending their personal space and comprehending the mental mind set of the assailant regardless of current fitness level, age, gender or ability of any female.

Training is offered by Frank Sciacca and follows the disciplines of Ninjutsu. Private and/or group training available to corporations for traveling personnel.


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Personal safety and survivability is a given right that should never be violated.

Security and personal safety is an investment that stays forever.

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