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Self-Defense training should be accessible and easy for ALL types of people to learn, regardless of your current fitness level, age, gender or abilities. 


There are no safety barriers or guidelines to stay safe and all predators look for weakness in victims.


Disciplines of training is Ninjutsu with traditional weapons and nonlethal instruments. Students that demonstrate honor are shown how to make defense instruments as used centuries ago by hand.


Training is offered by Sensei Frank Sciacca Jr with over 30 years discipline experience in this single art called Ninjutsu. Monthly tuition is $45.00 per month for TWO nights and $65.00 per month for THREE nights a week.


Advance Defensive Tactics offered to Law Enforcement and Security.

Advance Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Training


One free introduction class is offered.

For more info, call Frank Sciacca for set dates and times.


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