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Non-Lethal Instruments and Theories


 Course Description:


This course is designed to instruct law enforcement, security providers, Personal Protection Specialist agents and corporate security personnel in methods and applications of non-lethal instruments and theories. Instruments that could cause extreme bodily harm and/or death should always be the last option for defense. With concerns of the general public along with the reputation of the client and security provider, this course offers other alternatives with effective results.


The non-lethal instruments program focuses on certifying attending participants for use with the SABRE OC Aerosol. It is the most effective instrument when dealing with a hostile individual and/or crowds. Other instruments such as a collapsible baton are utilized with the understanding this instrument could cause bodily harm when used. If a photo was taken of a security provider holding a baton in air, this will have a tremendous amount of negative media feedback. This photo will cause embarrassment and/or open legal issues towards the client and security provider.


With this said, other instruments such as spoons for dinner functions, Kubotans, Pens, Pins and small rope are used as controlling methods and defense.


 Objectives include the following:

    Comprehend the legal aspect and use of Non-Lethal Instruments.

    Proper conduct and role of providing a protection service with secondary or defense instruments.

    Methods on defusing and/or diverting hostile individuals without increasing turmoil or embarrassment to the client.

    Certify in use with the SABRE OC Aerosol.

    Proper methods and escalations addressing hostile individuals.

    Proper body gesture to avoid escalating a verbal commands.  

    Comprehend methods in use with spoons, Kubotans, Pens, Pin and small section of rope.

    Methods and techniques in use with Close Quarter Combat (CQC).

    Develop communication skills.


 Type of instruction:

    Classroom    Practical application workshop



    Two days / 8 hours.


 Target Audience:

      Domestically and Foreign

     Law enforcement agencies    Military personnel    Security agencies and personnel    Personal Protection Specialist

     Investigators    Individuals entering the profession.    Corporate security and personnel.

     Traveling corporate personnel and civilians.


Locations vary. Corporate and group private training available.

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