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Course Description:

This course is designed to expand the knowledge and skills for providing personal protection. Most contracts are developed with a 12 hour assignment. The training within this program is 7 days straight / 12 hours per day totaling 84 (eighty four) hours in one week. During the training, we incorporated workshops and training assignments which increase the participants skill sets. We reserve the right to expand the training day up to 16 hours for the mental focus development factor.


  Train and qualify individuals in the following areas:

         Principle Protection

1)      Duties and  responsibilities.

3)   First Aid training.

2)      Conduct and protocol.

3)      Team and branch communications.

4)      Client interfacing and business ethics.

         Investigation methods,

1)      Report writing.

2)      Surveillance and counter surveillance.

3)      Individual background searching (public and information brokers).

4)      Location evaluations, building plans.

5)      Threat assessments (persons and locations).

6)      Memory tracking.

         Introduction to terrorism, stalking and basic sociology.

         Branch operations, functions and responsibilities.

1)      Central Command.

2)      Principles Detail.

3)      Advance Detail.

         Safe houses and route planning (time and distance).

         Zone-layer security. Clients property, function location and public grounds.

   Crowd and paparazzi environment.

         Third Party Contacts.

1)      General and secured databases.

2)      Interviewing and researching methods.

3)      Limos, plane charters, security personnel, security agencies, catering, event planners, amusement parks.

         Vehicle entry / exiting and seating positions.

         Vehicle inspections and maintenance history log check.

         Designated package areas and suspicious package inspections.

         Driver responsibilities, vehicle operations if wounded and carjacking defenses.

         Foreign government relations.

         Kidnapping and assassination methods. (Stationary locations and vehicle).

         Basic electronics applications and theories.

         Physical sweeps, (hotels rooms, conference rooms, public grounds, vehicles and media cameras.)

         Physical activities and workshop includes:

1)      Assignments and field operations.

2)      Basic Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

3)      Ground defenses.

4)      Client cover. (standing and on the ground).

5)      Sidearm training, (300 rounds)

6)      Simulated kidnapping and assassination attempts. (vehicles provided)

7)      Weapons deterrent and defenses. (Knife, gun and blunt instruments.)

8)      Non-Lethal instruments, secondary instruments and legal applications

9)      Walking formations. (Single man detail and a four man detail.)


 Type of instruction:


    Practical applications.



    Seven days / minimum 84 hours.

We reserve the right to expand training hours beyond the 12 hour day.


Target Audience:

        Domestically and Foreign


    Law enforcement agencies    Government personnel     Military personnel   Security agencies and personnel

          Personal Protection Specialists   Investigators   Individuals entering the profession    Corporate security


Locations vary. Corporate and group private training available.

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