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Principle (Client) Interfacing

 Course Description:

This course is designed to share with law enforcement, security personnel / agencies, Personal Protection Specialist agents and corporate security in methods of conversing with and retaining information from the client. This becomes a critical process and sensitive topic when evaluating the possible threat and concerns facing the client. A client is balanced between authority and title of position. If they feel violated in their balance of power, this tends to cause problems for those supplying services.


From this line of reasoning, clients tend to express their anger towards media or anyone violating their privacy. With this in mind, security providers should develop methods of expressing their positions in protecting the client from the media and/or paparazzi. Along these lines, the client should understand that their response and actions towards these groups would only escalate the situations and in-return deters the security provider from accomplishing their assignment. This delicate subject is measured and handled with the client in mind along with preventing embarrassment or legal actions towards the client.  


Understanding current events, we focus on prevention while protecting the client from acting on impulse.

Crowd Control Reason


Understanding methods of conversing with clients allows a better relation along with gathering intelligence.


 Objectives include the following:

    Comprehending the proper mental mind set and controlling emotional responses.

    Comprehend the dress code, conflicting colors and personal appearance.

    Meeting a client for the first time.

    Top concerns relating to clients.

    Methods on structuring proper and sensitive questions.

    Performing a personal Threat Assessment.

    Incorporating formatted data sheets for gathering personal information.

    Interviewing family members, servants and third party ie: health fitness instructor, landscaper or pool cleaning person.

    Investigation methods on retaining information / intelligence.

    Reasons and methods of retaining the clients personal interest and hobbies.

    Establishing a common ground with Business Ethics.

    Methods on expressing media and paparazzi concerns.

    Methods on concealing the images of the client from paparazzi.

    Methods on utilizing location security and/or law enforcement agencies to assist with media and/or paparazzi.

    Comprehending the workings of a contract, confidential agreement and permission agreements.

    Understanding the clients ego relating to their social status.


 Type of instruction:

    Classroom.    Practical application workshop.



    Three days / 24 hours.


Target Audience:

      Domestically and Foreign


     Law enforcement agencies   Military personnel    Security agencies and personnel    Personal Protection Specialist

     Investigators    Individuals entering the profession    Corporate security


Locations vary. Corporate and group private training available.

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