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Suspicious Packages Inspections

 Course Description:

This course is designed to instruct law enforcement, security personnel / agencies, Personal Protection Specialist agents and corporate security personnel in evaluating and inspecting common packages sent to a client without utilizing any type of detection device. The reason for not utilizing detection equipment is because the client will be traveling and the security provider will not have high tech electronics on hand. All participants will comprehend how to inspect and isolate suspicious packages including understanding the use of Package Destination Areas.


 Objectives include the following:

    Inspect and open packages incorporating electronic devices and chemical agents without utilizing detection devices.

    Develop SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

    Safety equipment utilized.

     Methods on how to determine a suspicious package.

    Investigation methods on retaining intelligence from the sender.


    Develop isolation barriers with common items purchased.

    Understand the purpose and function of all major envelops and boxes utilized including their natural abilities of assisting


    Proper use of a Borescope for inspecting boxes.

    Methods on developing a designated package area capable of isolating chemical agents.

    Perform in groups and communicate properly.

    Perform inspection and open packages that have been tampered with.


 Type of instruction:

    Classroom.     Practical application workshop.



    Three days / 24 hours.


 Target Audience:

      Domestically and Foreign


     Law enforcement agencies    SWAT personnel     Military personnel    Security agencies and personnel  

              Personal Protection Specialist    Investigators / crime scene technicians   Individuals entering the profession

              Corporate security and personnel.


Locations vary. Corporate and group private training available.

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