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Ranges located throughout Florida

Fee: $185.00 - Firearm Training


Certified, Experienced and Insured for all firearm training.


Participants attending will discharge 300 live rounds and utilize their training in a shoot house environment utilizing a blowback air-soft. Serial numbered certificates outlining all training topics within this program including the shoot house environment.


Tactical Sidearm Defense Photos




Personal Sidearm    Holster    Minimum Two Magazines 15 round capacity. (Three Magazines if capacity is less than 10 rounds per magazine)    Safety Glasses    Hearing Protection  • 300 Factory Rounds (No Reload Ammo)


Tactical Sidearm Home Defense:


Will be available to everyone who has a current State concealed firearms license or shows proof of certification issued by the NRA on safety and sidearm shooting. Tactical level one’s primary objective is to increase knowledge and skills on safety, trigger control / reset, instinctual body alignment targeting”, and misfire reaction; with emphasis on home invasion defense scenarios and general personal/ family defense tactics inside and outside of the home. The program deals with live 300 rounds on the range and a single magazine holding 15 pellets in the house utilizing an air-soft.


Below is a photo showing the Glock air-soft blowback with a Glock 19 9mm. The air-soft looks, feels and operates just like the

Glock 19.



A single magazine with full capacity is used for training in the shoot house because during an invasion, people grab their sidearm without grabbing additional magazines. This is based on a person feeling violated with safety concerns for their loved one including themselves.  


In this training section; the participants will practice and reinforce the following:


Safety Procedures -

“Ready Stance”, “Safety Circle”, Proficient Weapon Manipulation using Visual and Feel, Muzzle Discipline, Trigger Discipline / Control, Handgun Stoppage Immediate Action Drills , Proper Draw to the Center, Emergency Reload Procedures, Safe Load / Unload Procedures and scanning areas to indentify hostile targets.


Introduction to Instinctual Body Alignment Targeting -

Accurate target engagement; without using sights. (Head, Shoulders, Chest, with Chin and Heart Alignment), Double Hand Shooting, and Single Hand shooting; Shooting / Support Hand Shifting.


Close Quarter Draw -

   Target Engagement –

Ø  moving off center line of fire

Ø  expanding distance from attacker

Ø  shifting side distance from attacker

Ø  “Flash Sight”, no sights, and contact aiming.


Trigger Control -

   Trigger squeeze, Trigger reset, “sweet spot” or, “trigger break” conditioning, Rapid Fire utilizing proper techniques.

   (2, 3 and 4 round burst)


Multiple Target Shooting  Positions -

   Walking, Standing, Kneeling / Prone Position with Reloading and Clearing Malfunctions.


Ammunition Management -

   Rounds carried, Magazines Carried, rounds remaining.



8 Hour Completion Training Certificate Awarded with serial Numbers.


Instructors and Range Safety Officers has the right to stop anyone from proceeding with the program if they deem a person Un-Safe with their firearm.


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