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Terrorism Introduction

 Course Description:

This course is designed to instruct law enforcement, security agencies, Personal Protection Specialist agents and corporate security in terrorism threats. We explore areas of sociology and psychology. Terrorism is an act which has very little understanding on reasons. There could be any number of reasons to make an individual perform unspeakable acts. Within a service of protecting lives, we must evaluate the meanings, mental mind set, elements, concept of religion, possible motives and procedures of performing the act of terrorism.


 Objectives include the following:

    Understanding terrorism relating to sociology and psychology.

    Comprehend methods utilized by terrorist organizations regarding researching and surveillance with intended targets.

    Develop research methods.

    Evaluate possible motives posing threats to a country, corporation and/or client.

    Individual protective measures and counter measure techniques.


 Type of instruction:

    Classroom.     Practical applications.



    Three days / 24 hours


 Target Audience:

      Domestically and Foreign


     Law enforcement agencies    SWAT personnel     Military personnel    Security agencies and personnel

     Investigators    Individuals entering the profession    Corporate security and personnel


Locations vary. Corporate and group private training available.

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