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Frank Sciacca Jr.


Highlights of Experience.

Frank Sciacca Jr, author and over 18 years experience pertaining to:


 »Investigations » Undercover Assignments » Dignitary / Executive Protection » High Risk / Event Security » Facility / Estate Protection » Specialty Item Transportations »  Physical Security Measures / Deterrent Systems » Instructor - Close Quarter Defenses - Sidearm Tactical - Non-Lethal Weapons and Defense Sprays.


Florida state licenses include:


  » Private Investigator - C 2400293

  » Concealed Weapons or Firearms - W 9626542



Current Status:

Providing services and tactical training to multiple private agencies and civilians.


Experience includes:

From 1993 to present, I’ve overseen protection operations with government officials, corporate executives, corporate representatives and high profile persons including families involved who are likely targets of terrorism, kidnapping and/or criminal elements. Since 1993, I instructed martial arts and self defense to victims who were violated within their personal space. Programs offered is followed.

Responsibilities included developing, managing, overseeing and executing security programs and operations requiring detailed planning and coordinating efforts among law enforcement agencies, private security organizations and traveling protection teams throughout the world. Additional responsibilities included special projects and coordinating training programs.

Author of book entitled, “Bodyguard Principles, ISBN 0-7414-3167-X. From my experience, I written “Bodyguard Principles” that explains in detail the role of a personal protection specialist (Bodyguard). Methods, concepts, theories, and responsibilities pertaining to the three branches of service are outlined: Central Command, Principles Detail and Advance. "Bodyguard Principles" received two - five-star ratings and is recognized by Security Management and ASIS International.


Investigations * Undercover Assignments * Dignitary / Executive Protection * Event and High Risk Security * Facility / Estate Protection * Special Item / Document Transportation * Physical Security Measures / Deterrent Systems * Training multiple security related programs involving investigation and protection. Programs listed below:



Retaining knowledge and increasing skills in this profession is mandatory for the client's safety as well as team leadership.


Mr. Sciacca has trained in the arts of NinJitsu since age 13 under the directions of Shihan Felix Vazquez of New York, Circle of One System. From the traditional methods of NinJitsu, Mr. Sciacca hand crafts ancient weapons that were a focus point on defense.


Currently, Mr. Sciacca instructs Martial Arts / Self Defense and Non-Lethal Instruments in Orlando and Sarasota Florida to civilians and security professionals.


Instructional courses include:


  » Assassination and Kidnapping Awareness Training


  » Auto Deterrent Tactics / Carjacking Defense Training for Security


  » Basic Firearms Training Civilians and Security


  » Carjacking Defenses for Civilians


  » Chauffer / Driver Defensive Measures


  » Close Quarter Combat (CQC)


  » Contract Writing / Business Ethics / Budgeting


  » Civilian Carjacking Defense


  » Dignitary / Executive Principle Protection and Operational Planning


  » Electronics and Theories Training


  » Female Defenses for Females Only


  » Firearm Transition Training (Sidearm Transition from Shotguns / Carbine / Edge Weapons) for Civilians and Security


  » Home Defense Intruder - Search and Secure Training


  » Investigation / Surveillance Information / Intelligence gathering methods.


  » Interviewing and Interrogation Tactics


  » Leadership Management and Third Party Coordination


  » Location and Area Search Training


  » Maritime Firearm Defense Training (Civilian and Security)


  » Martial Arts / Self Defense Training


  » Non-Lethal Instruments and Theories Training


  » Personal Safety Awareness


  » Shields - Defense Training for Traveling Personnel


  » Sidearm Deterrent Defenses and Tactics


  » Suspicious Package Inspection


  » Tactical Shotgun Defense


  » Tactical Sidearm Engagement


  » Terrorism Introduction / Research Methods


  » Threat Assessment Methods on persons and locations


  » Vehicle Search and Inspection


Accomplishments Include:

Book entitled, “Bodyguard Principles” was published April 2006 with ISBN number: 0-7414-3167-X. Methods, concepts and functions are exposed with individual responsibilities and branch operations. Click “Table of Contents” link to view chapters. 

Guest Speaker for the following radio stations on terrorism and personal protection:

700 WLW, Cincinnati Oh. Scott Sloan.

WFNC AM 620 News Talk, Fayetteville, NC. Laura Price.

News Radio 610 WTVN, Columbus, Oh. Dirk Thompson.

WWOW Radio, Cleveland Oh. Pat Williams.

WTBQ Radio Worth from Florida to New York. Frank Truatt.

920 WHJJ Talk Radio, Providence RI. Helen Glover.

News 92.3 KTAR, Phoenix, Az. Jay Lawrence.

News Talk 1370 WSPD, Toledo, Oh. Dirk Thompson.

WZEZ EZ 100.5 FM, Richmond Va. Mark Neimand.

Fox News Radio Network, National.

CIBU 94.5, Ontario, Canada.

WSRQ 1220 AM, Sarasota Florida,

FOX and CNN News Network.





Discussion Group membership include the following:





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