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What is the role of a bodyguard?


The service of a bodyguard is a decision that a potential client may consider if they or the lives of their family are threatened in some manner. This notion of threat could be based on the difference of opinion or emotions directed either personally or business from individuals to extremist groups. While the notion of threat concerns the client, a bodyguard will evaluate the level of threat into harmful acts and isolate the areas and conditions which could expose the client to potential harm.


The role of a bodyguard is like following a formula or blueprint. There are several components in place in order to provide and accomplish assignments of safeguarding principles with a successful outcome. Since a bodyguard's engagement is to safeguard the welfare of the principle, family and/or property, areas of education, skill development and experience are subjects that require constant growth. From this, an individual providing a service as a bodyguard will develop the correct mind set, appearance and comprehend functions. This course of expansion becomes mandatory in order to accumulate information and intelligence relating to the threats concerning the principle.


Understanding the type of role a bodyguard represents, "Bodyguard Principles" was written to expose methods, concepts, functions and individual responsibilities along with situational examples. The 274 pages outline subjects on assignments and operations pertaining to all members involved in a protection detail. View the "Table of Contents" for a breakdown on each chapter and view the "Conclusion" that examines each chapter written.


June 15, 2007


My sincere thank and appreciation to everyone whom has emailed me comments about "Bodyguard Principles" and the achievements it made thus far. I am extremely grateful for all the positive comments received with regards to the information provided.

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