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There is a difference between text book training compared to real life experiences!

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Find Our Video On YouTube - Carjacking Defense - Self Defense Training


Frank Sciacca Jr, author of "Bodyguard Principles"  had trained many within the fields of personal protection, private security, investigations and believes in the Practice what you preach theory."


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Carjacking Defense Program


Female Defenses

Females Only

Martial Arts / Self Defense Training


Sheild Defense for Traveling Personnel Training


Bodyguard Principles

Specializes in the following areas:


Investigations / Research Dignitary / Executive / Protection Security Consulting Physical Security Details Traveling Security Details Individual and Location Threat Assessments Location Searching and Inspections Advance Assignment Location Threat Assessment and Surveying Specialty Item / Document Transportations Specialized Training.


Training and consulting services rendered to the following areas,
Domestically and Internationally



Law Enforcement Agencies

Licensed Security Agencies

Security Licensed Individuals

Private Civilians

Private Protection Agencies

Private Schools and Religious School

VIP Clubs


All security professionals attending security related programs had gone through a lengthily background

check and verified all licenses pertaining to their security position at the time of attending.

Some individuals are currently providing services in different parts of the world.


 We have an extended database of fully licensed, trained and qualified personnel.

Currently, we are supplying services all over the world and offer small to large

Security Detail Operations & Support.


Author Frank Sciacca, Jr., an experienced protection professional and instructor, organizes the text into well-written and exceptionally documented chapters ...


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Find Our Firearm Videos On YouTube - Beginer to Tactical Engagement - Firearm Training - Obstacle Course


Firearm Training Locations Vary.


Firearms Training - CCW License


Beginner to Tactical Engagement


Body Alignment Targeting (BAT)


Tactical  Sidearm Defense II


Tactical Home Invasion Defense


Tactical Sidearm Obstacle Engagement


Civilian Maritime / Boat Defense Training


( Offered in 3 separate levels of training )

 1 - Sidearm Only - 2 days / 16 hours / 600 rounds


 2 - Sidearm / Assault Rifle - 2 days / 16 Hours - 400 Rifle Rounds / 200 Sidearm Rounds


3 - Advance - Sidearm / Rifle / Shotgun 2 Day

400 Rifle Rounds / 200 Sidearm Rounds / 100 Shotgun Shells (25 - Slug / 25 - 00 /

50 - Birdshot number 8 or 9)


Private and Corporate specialized training available on participant's private boat.

Call for information.


 Following courses must meet age requirements


Shotgun Defenses

50-Slugs, 50-00, 100 Birdshot (8 or 9)

Assault Rifle Defense 8 Hours -

400 Rounds

Assault Rifle Defense II 16 Hours -

800 Rounds

Dim Light / Night Defense Training 8 Hours (Sidearm)

250 Rounds

Sidearm / Assault Rifle Transition 8 Hours -

200 Sidearm Rounds / 400 Riffle Rounds

Sidearm / Shotgun Transition 8 hours

250 Sidearm Rounds / 200 Shotgun Shells

(50-Slug - 50-00 - 100 Birdshot 8 or 9 )


Certified, Experienced and Insured for all firearm training offering programs ranging from Concealed Weapons License, Tactical Defense to advance Security / Maritime Options training.

Private and Corporate training available.



Discussion Group membership include the following:






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