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Frank Sciacca under contract, travels providing protective / investigation services for corporations, government officials and private security agencies.

In addition, Frank Sciacca assist with arranging security details overseas with personnel management and budgeting.

Believing no person should ever be violated, Frank Sciacca provides training involving personal awareness and defense. No matter if a person travels for business to everyday errands of life, everyone should always be prepared. 

Residential threat Assessments are provided as a first line of defense. 

All training can be viewed in the training link of this website. 


For the past 20 years, Frank Sciacca had protected people of all ages in all situations involving threats and harm. The safety and well being is a birth right and no one has the right to harm or violate another person.

The safety and well being extends further on our families. There has never been a more of a need to learn how to remain safe than today's times. Current events expose everyday violations from stalking to assaults.

The key to stay safe is knowledge on foreseen situation and outcome to a reaction. Saying this, training in any form of situational awareness and defense should always be available no matter the age, gender or physical abilities of an individual. 

Safety and securing locations will always be a focus while always safe guarding families.

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